Stable dentures that last are within reach with affordable All-on-4 implants

At Manchester Dental, we provide timeless, unhurried, highly attentive, personalized, and authentic care. Our dentist, Dr. Abel Aguilar, has invested in training on the latest dental techniques and technologies to support cutting-edge treatments. We are confident in this powerful combination for our patients from across western and central Georgia. Due to our extensive onsite capabilities, Dr. Aguilar is equipped to provide treatment options that are not available at other general dentists’ offices. 

Additionally, Dr. Aguilar offers complex treatments such as full mouth rehabilitation with All-on-4 dental implants in the most comfortable, convenient, pleasant, and safe manner possible. 

A note on dental implants

Dental implants are tiny, cylinder-shaped posts made from tissue-friendly materials like titanium. These implants are positioned precisely in the jawbone. They are designed to join with the surrounding bone naturally. Once the implant is fused to the surrounding jaw, it can function as a tooth root.

The idea is to attach the implant to a dental restoration (such as a crown). Once connected, the implant stabilizes the replacement tooth just like a natural root. The design imitates the structure of a healthy tooth and offers numerous advantages. Notably, implant-supported teeth sustain patient satisfaction. These prosthetics are made to maintain long-term comfort and a natural appearance and function.

A single implant can be placed to retain or secure one replacement tooth (or crown). Or a couple of strategically positioned implants may be introduced to the jawbone to stabilize many replacement teeth as an alternative to a conventional fixed bridge or partial. And as few as four implants may be applied to secure all the teeth in an upper or lower denture.

The many benefits of All-on-4

Each natural tooth has a root. However, each prosthetic tooth in an implant system does not require an artificial root. In fact, All-on-4 systems minimize the number of implants or “roots” necessary to stabilize the teeth due to their strategic placement. We can apply a minimal number of implants to maximize the available bone in the jaw. This feature provides considerable benefits to our patients, including:

  • Fewer treatment sites
  • Less trauma 
  • A more conservative procedure
  • Less time spent in the treatment chair 
  • Fewer risks of complications and side effects
  • A considerably more affordable procedure (as implants are the most expensive part of the process)
  • Faster and more predictable recovery and healing 

Additionally, the All-on-4 approach allows individuals who would not be good candidates for implants to benefit from this modern and attractive option for tooth replacement. Even individuals with bone loss can benefit from All-on-4 implants. In the same vein, this system is a “graft-less” procedure, which means that surgical preparation with grafting is not essential before the implant placement.

Manchester Dental is also equipped to provide immediate implants and mini dental implant-supported tooth replacements. Mini implants are smaller than their standard counterparts and can be inserted without invasive cutting. The procedure can also be completed without waiting for the gum tissues to heal due to the techniques used and the nature of the mini-implant process. 

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