Benefit from Botox® at the dentist’s office, Amplify your beautiful smile, ease TMJ dysfunction symptoms

Manchester Dental is an attractive blend of friendly, neighborhood dental “home” and a state-of-the-art destination for quality cosmetic and restorative dentistry services. As such, Dr. Abel Aguilar offers many unique products and treatments that are not available at other dentists’ offices in west and central Georgia. These offerings include Botox®.

Rethinking Botox® at the dentist’s office

You may know Botox® cosmetic as a nonsurgical way to soften crow’s feet and other expression lines; however, Botox® has a long and storied history as a treatment for medical conditions, not limited to cervical dystonia. This neurological disorder is characterized by involuntary muscle movements that affect the head and neck. As a neuromodulator, Botox® products disrupt the signals that tell specific, treated muscles to contract. In turn, these injectable products can be used to ease the effects of many medical and cosmetic conditions that are associated with muscle contractions.

At Manchester Dental, we use Botox® for both aesthetic purposes and to treat the effects of temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJDs). For the former aesthetic concern, Dr. Aguilar precisely applies Botox® to the specific muscles responsible for facial expressions, such as squinting and frowning. In doing so, the muscles are relaxed. They do not make the facial expressions, which cumulatively result in “static” lines and wrinkles even when your face is at rest.

As an expert in oral anatomy and function, Dr. Aguilar assures precise treatment. So your face will not look “frozen.” Other muscles are still able to make the expression. Go ahead and smile and laugh all that you want! In fact, Botox® may be a great complement to cosmetic dentistry treatments and smile reconstruction as it further brings out the natural beauty and vitality of your smile.

For the latter TMJD-oriented concerns, Dr. Aguilar may precisely apply Botox® to the jaw muscles responsible for this condition. When the muscles no longer tense, the stress placed on the jaw joints and other tissues is alleviated. This process eases the many symptoms associated with TMJDs, including chronic migraines and jaw and facial pain. Your quality of life is restored! 

Call us today at (706) 981-6272 to schedule your appointment at our Manchester, GA office. Our patients appreciate that Botox® at the dentist’s office is safe, low-risk, nonsurgical, fast, and comfortable.