Opalescence ™: Boost your smile from the comfort of your home with hassle-free professional teeth whitening

Yellow teeth, dark stains, and other forms of discoloration represent some of the most common complaints that Manchester Dental encounters from its patients. Fortunately, professional teeth whitening is also one of the most transformative, low-risk, and high-reward procedures available at our office. When searching for “whitening treatments near me in Manchester, Georgia,” you can also rest assured that the process will be safe, comfortable, and predictable.

What treatment options do you offer?

Each product and service available at our office is carefully selected by Dr. Abel Aguilar for utmost effectiveness and safety. Following a consultation, Dr. Aguilar may recommend home whitening with Opalescence™ systems by Ultradent Products. He offers two options for utmost treatment flexibility and customization: Opalescence Go(™) and Opalescence PF(™).

How does Opalescence Go™ work?

Opalescence Go™ uses special oral appliances or whitening trays to lift stains from the teeth. When worn as directed, these trays deliver a powerful and clinically proven whitening gel to the teeth in an even, safe, customized, and comfortable manner.

What makes Opalescence Go™ different from other professional whitening trays?

Opalescence Go™ is a particularly convenient, hassle-free, and easy way to remove stains and restore the dazzling appearance of your teeth for a dramatically enhanced smile. The trays are designed to conform comfortably and precisely to any smile, so you do not have to undergo messy impression-taking. Your trays can also be delivered to you promptly. For utmost efficiency and an easy, “no mess” option, the trays are prefilled with a professional-strength whitening gel. You don’t have to worry about filling or preparing the trays yourself throughout treatment. This feature also helps to support lovely and natural-looking results. We also offer the Opalescence™ PF option, which uses trays that are customized to fit your mouth.

How is Opalescence™ PF different from ready-to-wear trays?

These trays are made to fit your mouth and your mouth only. Since oral scans guide the fabrication of each tray, they are truly customized. Dr. Aguilar provides you with both your unique trays as well as a take-home whitening gel. We will show you how to fill or apply the gel to your tray. These gels allow for further customization, as they come in five different concentrations. They may be worn for as little as 15 minutes each day or overnight. Here again, this aspect of treatment also accounts for your specific needs and goals.

How do professional trays differ from the trays I get at the store?

OTC trays are not designed to fit the contours of your mouth, so these trays tend to slip around in the mouth. This can result in irritation, discomfort, and even damage to oral tissues. You can also end up with teeth that are not whitened evenly, which is far from the attractive result you want. Often, our patients have been disappointed by a lack of results from OTC products, too. These products are generally not designed to effectively lighten teeth. They either are not formulated with ingredients that are scientifically proven to whiten tooth structure, or those ingredients are not sufficiently concentrated to make a noticeable difference in the color of your teeth.

How often do I have to wear my trays?

Treatment time varies. Dr. Aguilar will go over instructions that are tailored to your needs and other factors. For instance, patients who may be appropriate candidates for a more concentrated whitening gel (15% hydrogen peroxide) will wear the trays for around 15 to 20 minutes each day for five to 10 consecutive days. Patients who are better suited for treatment with a less concentrated yet still powerful 10% hydrogen peroxide gel will wear the trays for the same number of days but for less time each day (around 30 to 60 minutes).

Why should I choose Manchester Dental to whiten my teeth?

No detail is too small or trivial at our office. Dr. Aguilar only selects those treatments that are in the best interests of his patients’ long-term health and that support the most pleasant experience and positive treatment outcomes. Patients also benefit from his attention to detail. Treatment plans are carefully customized to suit each patient’s unique smile, personal preferences, and other factors and considerations. We also believe that the small touches make a big difference; for instance, patients who undergo restorative dental work like crowns and bridges enjoy a container of healing and tasty soup made by Dr. Aguilar’s wife.

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