Gentle tooth extractions

When a tooth needs to be removed, it’s usually because it is too damaged by injury or decay to be saved. Dr. Aguilar always attempts to save a tooth if possible by filling cavities, creating crowns, performing root canal therapy if appropriate, or other remedies. Sometimes, however, the decay is too far along or the tooth too damaged, and it needs to be removed.

Dr. Aguilar is experienced with tooth extractions. He is very gentle with numbing injections and takes every step needed to keep you as comfortable as possible.

Socket preservation

It’s important to preserve the empty socket left when a tooth is extracted. This minimizes bone loss, speeds healing and reduces bleeding. Dr. Aguilar performs socket preservation by filling the empty socket area with demineralized cancellous bone. This is also advantageous if you plan to have a dental implant at a later date.

Wisdom tooth removal

Many people need one or more wisdom teeth removed. Dr. Aguilar has performed many wisdom teeth extractions. This is often recommended when wisdom teeth don’t come in fully and part of the gum still overlaps part of the tooth. This can create a pocket where bacteria gathers, setting up your gums for gum disease.

If your wisdom teeth are impacted, it means they have come in, or are still under the gum line, at an angle. Your jaw and teeth structure can be affected if they are not removed. If you have an impacted tooth, Dr. Aguilar will refer you to an oral surgeon who specializes in extracting impacted teeth.

Dr. Aguilar’s training and experience mean you are in good hands if you need an extraction. Your comfort is a top priority while being thorough and efficient. Dr. Aguilar’s gentle method of tooth extraction minimizes post-operative pain and enhances healing.

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