Comfortable, natural-looking and affordable dentures

Dr. Aguilar is very experienced in providing dentures for his patients. If you are considering getting dentures, Dr. Aguilar can schedule a consultation with you to go over your dental goals, your dental history and what to expect. One of the most important aspects of getting dentures is making sure they are the right fit. Dr. Aguilar uses his extensive experience and expertise to make sure your dentures fit properly. He also makes sure they look natural, so you can feel confident when you smile and talk.

Dr. Aguilar also offers mini implant-supported dentures. Using dental implants, dentures are made more comfortable, more secure and allow you to eat foods that would be difficult to chew with a regular denture. Dr. Aguilar is happy to be able to provide this option for his patients. Learn more about implant-supported dentures.

New Patient Special Offer Free Exam, X-rays & Consultation

Learn about your options for replacing missing teeth in a free consultation with Dr. Aguilar. This special offer for new patients includes:

  • Comprehensive Exam
  • Digital X-rays
  • External and intraoral photos
  • Consultation with Dr. Aguilar
  • Smile evaluation
  • Oral cancer screening
  • TMJ and bite alignment check
  • Discuss your options
  • Get your questions answered

Types of dentures and denture services we offer

If you are missing one or more teeth, you may want to learn about your different options for restoring your smile and the health of your mouth. We offer several different types of dentures and services.

Implant Teeth 2D

Regular dentures

When there are no natural teeth, on either the upper or lower arches, regular dentures will improve a person’s health and looks. Comfortable, well-fitting dentures encourage chewing and better eating, improve facial muscle tone, and give a person a confident smile. Dr. Aguilar uses his professional skills and experience to make a customized fit for each patient.

Metal Guard

No Metal Partials

These are used when a patient still has some natural teeth. Dr. Aguilar uses Valplast dentures, which are flexible, contain no metal, and comfortably snap securely around existing teeth.

Teeth Implant 2D 3

Immediate dentures

For patients who have had teeth extracted, these dentures are placed immediately after the extractions, allowing the gums to heal over time while maintaining aesthetics and an ability to eat.

Teeth Implant 2D 2

Implant-Supported Dentures

Mini dental implants are used to secure the denture in place. The denture snaps securely to the top of the implant but is still removable. Learn more about mini implant-supported dentures.

Teeth Implant 2D

Denture Stabilization

If you already have dentures, they can be retrofitted with dental implants, making them more stable and comfortable. This can be done with as few as two implants, but the more implants used, the more solid your bite will be.

Relines and repairs

We can do repairs and adjustments to your dentures on the spot when you come in.