State-of-the-art teeth replacement

If you are missing one or more teeth, Dr. Aguilar has several options to help you. Using modern technology, he is able to provide many state-of-the-art tooth replacement options.

What’s New in Tooth Replacement?

Up until the last decade, dental bridges, partial dentures or full arch dentures were the usual method of replacing missing teeth. These had many disadvantages, such as slippage, an unnatural appearance and requiring the alteration of other healthy teeth in order to help support the false teeth, as with a bridge.

Using dental implants Dr. Aguilar can provide stable, long-lasting and natural-looking new teeth, from a single tooth to all teeth missing.

Missing Teeth

Single-tooth replacement

A common solution for a single missing tooth is a dental bridge. This involves shaving down the two natural teeth on either side of the missing tooth. A bridge is then created with a crown on each end to cover the two end natural teeth and a false tooth in the middle to replace the missing tooth. All three elements are connected in one restoration.

An implant, on the other hand, is a better solution, as it does not involve shaving down the two end teeth and then capping them with crowns. The implant very effectively replaces the missing tooth only. The implant post is screwed into the jaw bone, mimicking a tooth’s root. It is then topped with an abutment and a crown.

Dental Implant 3D

Multiple-teeth replacement

There is more than one option available for multiple-teeth replacement. One is a partial denture. However, Dr. Aguilar recommends dental implants whenever possible as they provide a much more stable and comfortable solution for several missing teeth. Implants also prevent bone loss. If the missing teeth are not adjacent to each other, he can place single implants to replace them. For multiple missing teeth next to each other, Dr. Aguilar can place an implant-supported bridge.

If your budget doesn’t allow for implants right away, Dr. Aguilar can make a partial denture for your multiple missing teeth. Implants could then be done at a later time when you are ready. Dr. Aguilar can go over the best solution for you while keeping your budget mind.

Dental Implant 3D 2

Replacing all your teeth

For patients who have lost all of their teeth, or whose teeth need to be extracted, Dr. Aguilar recommends dentures for both arches. They can be traditional full dentures or implant-supported dentures.

Dr. Aguilar can use mini dental implants to support both upper and lower dentures, or Dr. Aguilar can place implants just in the lower denture and create a traditional upper denture with no implant support. The more stable your replacement teeth are, the better you will be able to chew and talk, the more comfortable they will be and the easier it will be to maintain good dental health. Dr. Aguilar will go over each option with you along with his recommendations.

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Teeth Missing

Free Dental Implant Consultation

Dr. Aguilar offers a free consultation to go over your dental needs and what the best treatment option would be to replace missing teeth, considering your dental health, budget and your goals. This free consultation includes:

  • Comprehensive exam
  • Digital X-rays
  • Consultation to go over your options
  • Your questions answered