Dr. Abel Working with Computer
The CEREC system allows Dr. Aguilar to design and create crowns and bridges right in his office.

Durable, natural-looking restorations in one visit


CEREC (CEramicREConstruction) is a high-tech system that enables Dr. Aguilar to create and place custom porcelain crowns and bridges in one visit. With this state-of-the-art system, our patients can get a new, durable and beautiful restoration—and often in less than an hour! That means you don’t have to go home with a temporary and come back another time to replace it with a permanent one.

Dr. Aguilar has years of experience making beautiful crowns and bridges for his patients. In addition, he’s been practicing cosmetic dentistry since 2001, including training at the Pankey Institute and Spear Education. You can trust that his many years of experience and training means that your crown or bridge will look beautiful, natural, and fit just right.

Actual Patients - Before and After Results

  • Placement of crowns due to an accident.
  • The patient’s goal was to have a healthy mouth, a bright smile, and a comfortable bite just as she did before her accident.
  • To execute this, I created a smile design with a brighter, more approachable, warm appearance. I added length and brightness to her feminine appearance. I utilized ceramic crowns to achieve our goal.

One-Day Crowns Before and After Results, Before Image
One-Day Crowns Before and After Results, After Image

One-Visit Crowns

With CEREC, Dr. Aguilar creates your new crown right in the office during one visit. From beginning to end, he will take a digital impression, design your crown, send the 3D design to the CEREC milling station and then place your crown, including any final adjustments.

Porcelain Crown
Dr. Aguilar can make you a beautiful porcelain crown in a single visit.

Digital impression

Digital impressions are taken and then sent to the CEREC computer where your custom crown will be designed.

CEREC 3D Design

Utilizing the special CEREC computer system, Dr. Aguilar is able to virtually design your crown. He makes sure that it will properly align with your other teeth and facilitate a comfortable and correct bite.

Milling the Crown

Dr. Aguilar mills your custom crown from a single block of high-grade porcelain utilizing the virtual design he previously created. He will also match the shade of your other teeth so it looks natural.

Adjusting your Crown

If there is any need to refine or adjust the crown, Dr. Aguilar can do it right then and there. There will be no need to send it to another lab. Your crown will be good to go the same day.

Dental Implant 2D
Dental bridges are used to replace one or more missing teeth.

Dental Bridges in one visit

If you are missing one or more teeth, the CEREC system can be used to create a natural-looking bridge in one visit. The bridge is created from a single block of porcelain, giving it the strength needed to allow you to chew your food with confidence. The ends of the bridge are cemented over natural teeth that have been shaved down to support the restoration.

CEREC Onlays & Inlays – durable fillings for large cavities

Dr. Aguilar can also use CEREC to make durable fillings for cavities in one visit. This is an ideal solution to fill cavities that are large but not so large that the tooth must be cut down and crowned. These fillings are called onlays and inlays and contain the same high-quality, strong properties that full CEREC crowns do. Learn more about our One-Visit Onlays and Inlays.