Beautiful, natural and confident smiles!

Dr. Aguilar has helped many patients improve their smiles with cosmetic dentistry. He listens to what you would like to achieve, gaining a full understanding of your goals. His friendly and caring manner makes it easy to understand when he explains the various options available for those goals as well as his recommendations.

Dr. Aguilar can show you how certain cosmetic procedures will look when finished. Photos and models can be used to demonstrate the results of a whitening procedure or how he can repair a chipped tooth or a gap with veneers. With state-of-the-art technology, he has been helping patients for several years obtain beautiful smiles, and he can help you too!

Complimentary Cosmetic Consultation

Dr. Aguilar takes the time to discuss your smile makeover goals and show you your options. Your consultation includes:

  • Intraoral photos
  • Creation of study models in certain cases
  • Smile evaluation
  • Discussion of your goals for your smile
  • Review of different treatment options and recommendations

Any questions you may have are welcomed and answered so that you know exactly what your treatment plan would entail.

To make an appointment, call (706) 981-6272 or click here to request an appointment online.

Our approach to a beautiful smile makeover

Once we know what your vision is of your beautiful future smile, Dr. Aguilar will discuss the various procedures he can do to achieve that. Some of the steps involved in a smile makeover include:

  • Before and After images of cosmetic dentistry patients so you can see what we can do for your smile.
  • Using our intraoral camera, we can provide clear images of your teeth and gums. Dr. Aguilar can use these to discuss the color and shape of your teeth and any changes you might want.
  • He can take impressions if necessary, creating wax-ups, or models, to use as a visual aid, showing what specific treatments will do and how the final outcome will look.
  • Shade matching is done to select the right porcelain to match well with your other teeth. Once a restoration is made we can also make adjustments to the shade as needed.

Cosmetic procedures we use

Dr. Aguilar is experienced in improving smiles in many ways. With the high-tech equipment and methods used, most of our procedures are significantly faster, more efficient and more comfortable than procedures done in the past. They include:

Dental Implants

An excellent solution for a missing tooth or teeth, they are natural-looking and very durable, enabling you to eat just like with your real teeth. Dr. Aguilar has placed hundreds of dental implants.


We have done many cases with Lumineers, which require minimal preparation of the teeth. We also use the CEREC system, which enables Dr. Aguilar to create porcelain veneers right in his office and apply them in the same visit.


We use the CEREC system to capture a 3D image of the mouth and then manufacture customized porcelain crowns in the office, in one visit. Porcelain provides a very durable and natural-looking restoration.

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding can be used to repair small inperfections or damage to a tooth. It involves applying a tooth-colored composite material to a tooth to change its appearance. It can be a good alternative to veneers, though generally not as durable, and not as stain resistant as veneers.


We do regular braces, ceramic brackets, and Invisalign. Using special computer software, we can show a patient the difference between how their teeth look now and how they will look after straightening.

Teeth Whitening

We provide custom take-home trays by Opalescence for whiter, brighter teeth. Opalescence uses a professional grade bleaching solution that reaches the deep stains in your teeth. The formula actually penetrates the tooth enamel and dissolves the discolored molecules that make your teeth appear yellow or stained. Dr. Aguilar will help you choose the right whitening formula that is best suited to your teeth. Veneers are another solution for teeth whitening.

Gum recontouring

Gum recontouring is a cosmetic procedure that aims to reshape, or remove excess gum tissue, or diseased gum tissue. The result is more attractive gums that are actually healthy as well. With the use of a soft-tissue diode laser, Dr. Aguilar can make your gum line more even, as well as trim excess gum tissue to better complement your teeth, thus improving the overall aesthetics of your smile. Laser dentistry makes gum recontouring a more comfortable procedure for the patient, and actually numbs the area as it works. It also disinfects the tissue and pockets, and speeds up recovery time.

We can remedy many conditions with Cosmetic Dentistry

Many conditions can be easily corrected with cosmetic dentistry. Common ones include:

  • Stained or yellowed teeth – We customize take-home teeth whitening trays for each patient. Veneers are an alternative to whitening and are usually more permanent.
  • Rough, broken or chipped teeth – Veneers or dental bonding are fast solutions that look great.
  • Too much gum – Using diode lasers, we can remove excess tissue and create a better gum line with no cutting and faster healing.
  • Small teeth or teeth not uniformly shaped – Veneers are an excellent choice, creating uniform teeth with matching color.
  • Gaps – Depending upon the individual case, braces or Invisalign could solve this problem. Another solution, usually faster, is veneers or dental bonding.
  • Crooked teeth – Just like gaps, veneers or bonding could be used for mild cases, but in cases needing stronger methods, braces or Invisalign can be used effectively.
  • Cavities – White, strong, tooth-colored porcelain fillings can be made using CEREC, producing non-metal fillings.

Before and Afters Smile Makeover Testimonial

“For years I never wanted to smile in photos. No matter how happy I was, I was embarrassed of my smile. My teeth had spaces, they were broken and unaesthetic. I was looking for a complete smile makeover. Cosmetic dentistry changed my life! Dr. Aguilar gave me the smile of my dreams. I have never been more confident! What a joy it was for me to smile a huge perfect smile at my daughter’s wedding. Thank you Manchester Dental for giving me a perfect smile, I am forever grateful.

“Dr. Aguilar explains all of my options, and shows before and after pictures. He is caring, compassionate and really cares. The entire staff is very professional. They are up to date on all the latest technologies. I have great confidence in myself. I love my smile and I have received many compliments.”