Dramatically, affordably, and quickly makeover your smile with dental bonding

Manchester Dental is passionate about providing exceptional and gentle care to our valued neighbors in Shiloh, Warm Springs, Greenville, Luthersville, and western and central Georgia. While Dr. Abel Aguilar and our dedicated team enjoy supporting community-wide health, we appreciate that there is no smile quite like yours.

Also, you are more than one-of-a-kind teeth and gums. You bring to our office a unique background, relationship to dentistry, varied personal preferences, behaviors and habits, goals, and concerns. For this reason, we provide comprehensive services. So, there is sure to be an option perfectly-suited to the “whole you.” Bonding presents just one of the ways that we can bring the best out of your smile.

Basics about dental bonding

Dental bonding is a popular cosmetic dentistry procedure – for very good reason. It is an affordable, convenient, and painless way to dramatically improve the appearance of your smile.

As with all treatments, Dr. Aguilar starts by carefully examining your mouth. In consultation with you, he determines if bonding is the best way to enhance the appearance of your smile. Restorative treatment may be recommended if you have existing dental or periodontal problems.

The guiding principle behind bonding is to prepare composite resin or another “tooth-like” material. This material is then expertly applied by Dr. Aguilar. Once applied perfectly, it covers up cosmetic imperfections. The material is finally bonded or secured to the tooth.

“Treatable” imperfections include:

  • Discoloration — Not all discoloration and stains are responsive to professional whitening methods. Some intrinsic stains may be stubborn and resistant to powerful whitening formulations. Bonding may be used to cover up very dark stains or stains caused by excess fluoride and antibiotic use. 
  • Chips — Irregular surfaces and uneven edges distract from an otherwise beautiful smile. If you have chips caused by enamel erosion or bruxism (chronic teeth grinding), our dentists apply and shape the artificial tooth structure to cover up surface irregularities.  
  • Uneven spacing — Over time, you may have developed a gap, or an existing gap may have become larger. Dr. Aguilar applies and bonds the composite resin to fill gaps and spaces between teeth.

He can also use the resin to resize or reshape teeth that stick out in an unappealing way and otherwise take away from attractive balance. This entire process can be completed in just one visit. Furthermore, bonding is a conservative and reversible procedure. The tooth is only slightly texturized and conditioned to support the strongest bond between the resin and the natural tissue.

Our dentist has developed considerable expertise in cosmetic treatments, like dental bonding. So, with good care, you can rest assured that your treated teeth will look great and hold up for many years. Call (706) 981-6272 with questions about treatment or to schedule your consultation at our office in Manchester, GA.