Efficient dental treatment with fantastic results

Our office features some of the latest tools and equipment that modern dental technology has to offer, making your treatment more comfortable and more efficient. You can read about some of the technology we use below.

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Dr. Abel Working with Computer


Dr. Aguilar creates custom dental restorations, such as crowns or bridges, in just one visit! The process begins by scanning your teeth with the CEREC Omnicam scanner, which creates a 3D image model of your teeth. He then designs a custom crown that is created in just a few minutes right here in our office using the CEREC milling unit. You will leave your appointment with a brand new tooth!

Teeth Whitening

Laser Dentistry

Soft-tissue diode lasers are handheld devices that are used to make certain dental procedures more efficient. The laser emits a high-intensity beam. This can be used for such things as disinfecting diseased gum tissue, or re-contouring the gum line. Lasers have the added benefit of sterilizing and reducing discomfort due to of a numbing effect the laser produces on the nerves, meaning no anesthesia is necessary.

Patient and Doctor with Digital Panoramic Machine

Digital Panoramic X-rays

We use the Planmeca digital panoramic X-ray machine to capture an image of your entire jaw, mouth and teeth. These digital X-rays use 80% less radiation than non-digital X-rays, and allow Dr. Aguilar to review the images on a computer screen. From these high-resolution images, he can plan all of your procedures with ease, and explain any problem areas that he finds.

Doctor Hanging Crown X - Ray Image

Digital X-rays

Our Dexus digital intraoral X-ray machine makes standard X-rays fast and efficient for routine examinations of your teeth.

Happy Patient In Front of the Camera

Digital Camera

Dr. Aguilar uses digital cameras to take high-resolution images of your smile. He often uses these images when planning cosmetic cases, and to show patients the results of their smile makeover with Before and After pictures.

Crown X - Ray

Digital Imaging Software

Dexus digital diagnostic imaging is a revolutionary new software/hardware technology that uses a platinum sensor device to take more affordable and convenient X-rays. It produces an image of remarkable quality while using very low levels of radiation.

Electric Handpieces

Electric Handpieces

Electric rotary endodontic hand pieces are the modern solution for making root canal treatment and other minor surgical procedures more efficient. Dr. Aguilar uses one of these devices to reduce the time you spend in the dental chair, and for better results.